Zillow’s Top Home Trends For 2021

Homeownership needs are evolving

With stay-at-home orders requiring people to spend more time in their houses this year, homeownership needs have shifted and new trends are emerging as many re-evaluate what they find most important in a home.

So what are the top trends we’re seeing as we move into 2021? Just released by Zillow, top trending design and home features that will continue to grow in popularity even when the pandemic subsides, and will not only add comfort but might even add extra value to your home.


Zillow’s Top 10 Home Trends for 2021:


Zoom Rooms

Working from home has forever changed and the desire for a place with a dedicated office is a top reason many are making a move. As we’ve all learned to adapt during stay-at-home orders making dining room tables and living room corners into makeshift offices, having a dedicated more permanent place to work and conduct online meetings is a top priority for remote workers.


‘Homecation’ Amenities
A top search for many buyers this year are homes with amenities that would create a vacation vibe at home. From a swimming pool, to a waterfront property, to luxury upgrades and features like a spa tub or rain shower, Zillow research shows home buyers paid more for amenities that make their home feel like a retreat.


Intergenerational Living
Maximizing living space is key for many homeowners now needing to accommodate grandparents and children moving back home for financial and health reasons. New construction homes are seeing an uptick in requests for finished basements with full bathrooms, bedroom additions, and other creative ways to accommodate those in multigenerational households.


Gourmet Kitchens
We’ve all seen the posts asking for sourdough starts as home chefs developed new skills and tackled baking creations during stay-at-home orders that saw more kitchen time across the nation. Gourmet kitchens with islands and larger cabinets are trending and a previous Zillow survey found that 41% of people value a well-equipped kitchen more than before as a result of social distancing recommendations — and more people will want the space to show off their new culinary skills in the next year.


Backyard Oasis
A place to get outside this year has been paramount so it’s not surprising that backyards have taken on renewed importance to homeowners seeking a large outdoor space that provides relaxation and safety. Popular trends and home searches include outdoor kitchens and firepits with features such as smart sprinkler systems and outdoor lighting.


Smart and Safe Tech
Tech-driven and smart fixtures offer homeowners peace of mind when it comes to keeping their homes as germ-free as possible. Products like touchless appliances, self-cleaning toilets, electronic-assistant controlled lights, and touchless faucets are evolving as standard in many home designs as homeowners prioritize the cleanliness of their home to keep their families safe and germ-free.


Small City Living
Companies have realized that working from home is not only possible but is rapidly becoming a new reality for many and are offering increased opportunities for remote work in 2021. Working from home enables those in the workforce to have more options when buying a home as choosing to live close to the office or factoring in commute options and times are not necessarily a primary factor anymore with the freedom of the ability to work from home permanently.  In 2021, home buyers may opt for wide-open spaces and smaller, more affordable communities. This trend is already playing out in search traffic data, per Zillow. Small city living will only continue to rise as telework becomes more permanent and open up homeownership opportunities for renters.


Health and Wellness at Home
Staying healthy – mentally and physically – and active is a top priority for many Americans and as public gyms slowly reopen, many are still concerned about health and safety measures and have found success with at-home exercise options.  Garages and spare bedrooms have been converted into makeshift gyms but having a dedicated space to maintain a healthy lifestyle at home may prompt you to consider a new place to live to accommodate.


Pet-Friendly Living
The flexibility of remote work gave many people the opportunity to be home all day, and in turn, made it easier to add a new best friend to their family. As people welcome more furry family members, almost 95% of pet owners said they considered the needs of their furry friends to be important when selecting the right home to buy and 68% of pet owners would pass on their dream house if it didn’t accommodate the needs of their animals.


Rise in Demand for New Construction
The appeal of new construction is high among buyers wanting to live in a brand new, never lived in space, and offers the ability to customize and personalize home features.


| Source: Zillow |



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