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Home means more to most of us lately

It’s where important moments are shared. It’s where we get quiet and dream big. It’s where adventure is right around the corner. Home is where we’re making a life.

Bend, Oregon is home.



Bend, Oregon is home to entrepreneurs and adventure

No stranger to ‘best of’ lists, Bend, Oregon was included on the 2020 Top 100 Best Places To Live In America by

This year, many people have re-evaluated their living spaces as stay-at-home orders have made our homes into makeshift offices, classrooms, and at-home gyms. Corporations have realized that employees can work from home effectively, thus eliminating the need for commute considerations when homebuying and enabling those in the workforce to consider living in a place they love, perhaps with a little more elbow room and land, and in a home that offers the flex space now needed as part of our new reality.  As homeownership needs continue to evolve, and with the desirability of the Central Oregon lifestyle, we’re experiencing an extremely competitive housing market here locally with a large pool of buyers wanting to move into the area.

Bend is home to those with a thrill-seeking passion and an entrepreneurial spirit, offering year-round recreational opportunities, scenery that’s unparalleled, and a distinct sense of community. Click here to visit our Bend, Oregon community page for area highlights, market info, and our favorite places in town to eat, shop, and explore.


Bend, Oregon is our home

We’ve been a part of the local business community for over a decade, and we’re proud to be a family-owned and operated company based in beautiful Bend, Oregon. Fred Real Estate Group is Central Oregon’s largest independent brokerage with over 140 real estate experts and one firm belief: Every client we work with deserves an amazing real estate experience.

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