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At Fred Real Estate Group, we’ve always led with a people-first approach, and as we’ve continued to foster and strengthen community within our team in new ways throughout the pandemic, we’ve experienced a year of support, growth, resilience, and results. Our team is comprised of over 140 real estate professionals that support and respect each other’s individual businesses and collectively work together as an engaged and connected broker community.

Fred Real Estate Group is Central Oregon’s number one independent real estate brokerage, we’re a proud local company that’s getting national attention for innovation, company culture, and client results, and we’re ranked among the nation’s top brokerages.



We offer full-service solutions for clients and brokers with a fresh approach and brilliant results

Fred Real Estate Group is built upon a collaborative team culture that embraces the Central Oregon lifestyle and community. Headquartered in beautiful Bend, Oregon, and selling homes throughout Central Oregon, we love where we live and we love what we do.


Love where you work: Work at FRED

We believe that any company can grow, but growing with the right people is the key to long-term success and we recognize that a company is only as strong as its people. We heavily invest in tools to support our team’s individual businesses, encourage a culture of collaboration and support, and treat our team as actual people, not numbers or dollar signs. We hire for culture over production quotas and believe that every broker has the potential to be successful with a strong foundation, solid business tools, and the full support of a brokerage and team behind them.


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As the co-founder and owner of Fred Real Estate Group, Keeley is the driving force behind company culture, branding, and creative marketing strategy.

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