Top 10 Outdoor Living Trends for 2021

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Throughout the pandemic, we had to maximize our living spaces and get creative. With more time spent at home, homeowners carved out spaces for exercise, work, play, and exercise as house hunters continue to pay particular attention to outdoor features as they evaluate homes to purchase, putting more weight on finding homes with flexible space, both indoors and out.

Outdoor spaces saw a huge uptick in popularity over the past year, offering an extension of indoor living for many. So, what’s trending in outdoor spaces? Furniture retailer, Living Spaces, recently spotlighted Google trends data to showcase what is seeing the highest uptick in interest as homeowners spruce up the outdoors.


Here are the Top 10 Outdoor Living Trends for 2021:


1 – Warm colors

Google Trends data shows a rise in interest for Terracotta, Rust, Rose, and Moss Green – rustic earth elements that are best for cozy outdoor living rooms


2 – Indoor-outdoor spaces

Indoor-outdoor spaces have posted one of the largest increases for 2021, jumping about 156% over the last year, according to Google searches. Trending searches are for comfy couches, ambient lighting, and multi-functional furniture – all made to withstand the weather.


3 – Backyard playsets

After a year of quarantine, backyard creative spaces are in. Not only are we seeing the classic swing sets, but more and more creative variations, like giant sidewalk checkers and DIY outdoor reading nooks.


4 – Sustainable gardening

Sustainable gardening goes hand-in-hand with container gardening, especially hydroponics container gardening which uses less water and soil and relies on a mineral solution for plant nutrients. Use wildflowers and native plants to ensure your plants thrive using as few resources as possible and make container gardening chic with patterned, colorful ceramic planters.


5 – Backyard basketball court

Finding ways to stay active at home during the pandemic has prompted many people to pick up sports and hobbies that involve going outside and getting fresh air. Google Trends notes “backyard basketball court” has seen a 42% interest over the past year.


6 – Garden gnomes

Interior trends this year include gaining popularity for the Cottagecore aesthetic, which is tied to nature. The classic gnome is back and being placed around yards for some whimsical fantasy accents. Google searches for “garden gnomes” are up 11% over the past year.


7 – Rattan

Rattan offers up some coastal vibes, but it’s being used in more outdoor spaces everywhere for a casually elegant look. Google searches for this trend are up 4%.


8 – Front porch

The front porch has become an extension of the indoor space and became a place, during the pandemic, for drive-up parties or socially distanced gatherings. In 2021, more people are using the front porch to maximize space for everyday living, and now to welcome back our neighbors and visitors.


9 – Hot tubs

In creating an entertainment getaway, hot tubs are a backyard luxury that gained huge popularity during the pandemic.


10 – Outdoor kitchens

Extending a home’s living space is continually popular and now these spaces are seeing more demand for luxury features such as pizza ovens, shelving/built-in storage, fire pits, and statement planters.

(Source: Living Spaces)


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