The Importance Of Being Pre-Approved When Buying A Home

Pre-approval is key when buying a home in 2021

In today’s market, we’re seeing a low inventory of homes for sale, and when there are more buyers than sellers in the marketplace, we tend to experience multiple offer situations and bidding wars, and the process may become a little more challenging for buyers. If you’re planning to buy a home this year, getting pre-approved is an important initial step.

The benefits of a pre-approval:

  • Pre-approval takes you much further through the application process and puts you in an even better position to buy
  • Pre-approval gives you and your lender an accurate understanding of your financial stability and ability to repay the loan
  • Pre-approval gets most of the work you have to do in the mortgage process out of the way, which will give you greater peace of mind once you’re ready to make an offer on a house



Mortgage rates are seeing historic lows and now is an excellent time to buy a house if you’re in the market to do so

If you’re starting your home buying journey, talking with a lender is a smart strategy. When you know your available options and confirm your budget, you’ll be able to shop for homes with more confidence and clarity.  With the onset of COVID-19 and the subsequent tightening of credit and changing of guidelines, this step is more important than ever.  A seller will often want to see a lender letter even before allowing a home to be viewed.

When you know your financials, your real estate broker can present your best offer when you do find a home you’d like to buy, and your down payment and loan structure/terms will be factored into the negotiation process.

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