Earth day, every day.

Oregon leads the nation in sustainable energy technology and green building, and Bend’s focus on energy efficiency and sustainability is no exception:


The City of Bend integrates best practices for sustainability into its work across departments and in partnership with the community. {Read more about City projects and sustainability efforts here}



Bend Parks & Recreation values environmental sustainability by making decisions that help protect, maintain and preserve our natural and developed resources.  {Read more here}



Green businesses and adventures are plentiful, from large-scale and small, locally owned companies throughout town, and a focus on sustainable eco-tourism designed to connect travelers with the community they’re exploring. {Source: Visit Bend — read more here}



Many homes and neighborhoods are Earth Advantage™ Certified, a high-performance home building program that addresses issues such as energy efficiency, recycling, building materials, landscaping, water, and indoor air quality.  And, if you can’t find a green home you love, you can always build one.



Local schools are built with sustainability in mind and encourage students, faculty, and staff to embrace sustainable practices.  Per The Environmental Center: Many students are eager to learn how they can have a positive impact on the planet. We encourage and help organize student-led, mentor-supported Green Teams within local schools.



Sustainable Tourism:

Visit Bend has a fresh approach to tourism marketing: Leave-No-Trace practices. Sustainable tourism. A focus on community. Starting in 2017, Visit Bend launched a series of sustainable initiatives including Visit Like a Local and The Bend Pledge aimed at urging people to interact responsibly with the community and surrounding wilderness.  Take the Bend Pledge, and help leave Bend better than you found it.



The Sustainability Issue 2019| The Source Weekly:




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