Hit The Trails In Bend, Oregon

Trail it up in Bend, Oregon

In Central Oregon, “Spring” can be warm and sunny, or, it can be cold and snowy, so locals jokingly call this time of year “Spring-ter. This year has brought a late snowfall, but it’s still looking good to get outside. (Let’s face it; we Oregonians will head outside whatever the weather…)  Keep in mind that snow/ice are in the higher elevations, so plan accordingly.

Hike, bike, or run, we’ve got you covered with 65+ miles of managed trail in town (BPRD) and hundreds more throughout Central Oregon, there’s always a new adventure to be found. Whichever trail you choose to explore, please don’t forget your manners. We take trail etiquette pretty seriously around here, so know the rules before you head outside. 

One of our personal favorites, and a favorite to many locals and visitors alike, is the Deschutes River Trail. You can hop on the trail at numerous ‘starting points’ and go as far as you’d like – a mile or 10+ miles. And, no matter how far you go, the scenery along the way doesn’t disappoint.

The great thing about this river trail is that it hooks up to many other trail systems around town, so you can start at the Old Mill District shopping area (fuel up with caffeine at Strictly Organic!) and ultimately end up in the middle of the woods.  Or, do a quick 3 mile loop past Farewell Bend Park, along the river, and back to the Old Mill area/Riverbend Park.

If you’re visiting Central Oregon, you’ll see why we locals are proud to call it home.  The amazing views we get to see every day are almost unreal. From the mountains, to the rivers, to the wooded forest land, to the amazing waterfalls, each trail you hike (or run, or bike) offers its own charm, beauty, and ‘personality’.  And, it doesn’t matter how many times you walk down the same trail, it never, ever gets old.

Hit the trails: Around Town

Hit the trails: Mountain + Fat Biking

Need a bike? We’ve got you covered. Bike rental locations in Bend:

Happy trails to you!




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