3 Reasons Why Selling Your Home This Winter Is A Good Idea

It’s well-known rhetoric that spring is the most popular time to sell a house as “homebuying season” is in full swing, including many buyers wanting to move into a new home ready for the upcoming school year.

While there’s no real season to buy a home, if you decide to sell your home in winter, you just might be in for a hot buyer market in spite of outside chilly temps:


1. Lower inventory = less competition

It’s basic supply and demand: with more homes typically listed for sale in spring, that’s the most crowded time to compete for buyer attention. Fewer homes listed for sale in the winter means competition over low inventory; an ideal time to sell.

In Bend, winter isn’t a slow season. Not for real estate, or visitors to town, or outdoor fun. People want to live in Bend and the snow season just makes it that much more special for those season pass holders to Mt. Bachelor and outdoor adventurers.


2. You get to show your home’s winter-readiness

Selling in the winter also gives you the opportunity to show that a home is designed to handle the harsh elements.  Showcase features such as fireplaces, hot tubs, a heated driveway, or even just a place to hang store your skis or snowboard.


3. Winter brings out the serious buyers

Spoiler alert: not everyone looking at homes for sale or attending open houses are actually intending to buy. In the winter months, those looky-loos may be less likely to brave the elements meaning traffic through your home will be serious buyers.

At A Glance Winter Home Sale Prep Checklist


Get your home ready to be marketed:

De-clutter personal items or large pieces of furniture. Consider limiting your seasonal decor as it may be off-putting to some buyers. Your broker will work with a professional photographer to ensure your home is promoted in the best light so make sure you’ve got your home sparkling clean and ready for its close up!


Hire the right real estate broker and connect with the right buyer:

Your FRED real estate broker will develop a proactive and personal marketing plan specific to your home, including: professional photography, video, print, digital, targeted social media advertising and email campaigns, and an open house strategy. And with our network driven marketing to our 100+ brokers and larger U.S. connections, we can creatively promote your home to those actually wanting to move to the area (snowbirds, corporate relocations, second home buyers, downsizers, etc.).


Understand your timeline and goals:

Review local market data with your FRED broker to best determine your home’s list price and go-to-market date in alignment with your desired timeline and objectives.


Get your home ready to be shown:

Clear a pathway if there’s snow/ice, turn on lights throughout the home, make sure the heat is on, leave a mat by the front door for snowy boots, and if you have one, light or turn on the fireplace (as long as it won’t be unattended for long). Create a cozy, welcoming environment for potential buyers to feel at home.


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