Nextdoor Neighborhood Favorite 2019 | Fred Real Estate Group

Thank you, Neighbors!

The best local businesses are the ones recommended by neighbors, and according to Nextdoor, we’re a neighborhood favorite for 2019!


“Neighborhood Favorites is an annual awards program that gives neighbors a way to recognize the most-loved businesses in their local communities. Only 1% of businesses win this award – and Fred Real Estate Group was one of them!”



Thank you to all who voted! We’re proud to be a locally grown business and voted a Nextdoor Neighborhood Favorite for the past three years in a row; we sincerely appreciate this recognition from within our community.

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We’re proud members of the local business community and have connected over 5,000 home buyers and sellers throughout Central Oregon over the past decade.

Our team of 100+ real estate experts collaborates with each other to sell homes quickly and professionally. We’re the largest independent real estate brokerage in the area and we believe every client we work with deserves an amazing real estate experience. | Learn more about our client-centric fresh approach |



About Keeley Mannila

As the co-founder and owner of Fred Real Estate Group, Keeley is the driving force behind company culture, branding, and creative marketing strategy.