Hot. Delicious. Local.

Coffee shops and spots in Bend, Oregon

Baby, it’s cold outside. And, while there might not be any sticking snow around town (yet), there’s definitely a wintry chill in the air. Around here, that means three things: Beanies, puffy coats, and a hot cup of local coffee.

With about a gazillion (not exact number, but close…) coffee shops sprinkled throughout Bend, it’s impossible to say which is the best. But you wouldn’t be a *true local* if you didn’t have an allegiance to one brewed beverage or another, and with distinct passion.

It’s probably no surprise that we love supporting our local shops over national chains, and here in Bend, we’re lucky to have coffee shops practically on every corner; a little something for everyone depending on taste and favorite blend of organic, fresh-brewed deliciousness.

[Map: local coffee shops in Bend, Oregon]


A few of our personal local faves:


What we love about this list is that while each place brews an awesome cup of coffee, it’s more than that: each offers their own flavor, their own culture, their own twist on the regular cup of joe, all making for some sweet hot spots and hangouts around town.

And, while the nation may have a love affair with the larger national brands, we’re happy to stick with our local faves.


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