FRED Team 5th Annual Chili Showdown & Donation Drive

Bringing the heat at FRED

Food + Community Giving

Every year around this time our team gets into serious competition mode. Our annual Chili Showdown is an event in which our team cooks, and our clients, business partners, and friends get to eat and judge their best culinary efforts.



This year, we had the honor of partnering with NeighborImpact to collect food and personal hygiene items and donations for families in need in our community. We are happy to see our collection barrel overflowing with donations; thank you to all who contributed!



Congratulations to this year’s big winners! Taking home one of a kind prizes, major bragging rights, and overall life satisfaction, these lucky FREDdies brought their spicy, meaty, delicious, homemade A Game in crockpots:

Josh Crosby – Hotter Than Fred, Spencer Brennan – Bad Ass Beans (Unfortunately, Spencer was unable to attend the award ceremony, so Keeley Mannila gladly accepted Spencer’s award on his behalf), and Shonna Edwards – Freakin’ FREDtastic.


Thank you to all who came, ate, and donated items to NeighborImpact! And, thank you to PrimeLending for the post-event relief…




About Keeley Mannila

As the co-founder and owner of Fred Real Estate Group, Keeley is the driving force behind company culture, branding, and creative marketing strategy.