Mike Arrigo

Personal Bio
In 2017 my wife and I decided to make a large life decision to move our family across the country to a town, Bend, we knew little about. We had visited Bend for a week in 2016 and fell in love with its proximity to endless outdoor activities and natural beauty. It was the lifestyle and atmosphere we were looking to raise our family in. In the spring of 2018, I flew out from North Carolina, bought a home, and returned a month and a half later to Bend with my family. We have not looked back since!

My family and I enjoy all that Bend has to offer from skiing, hiking, biking, camping, backpacking, and especially river floating. We welcome each season with the adventures and activities they have to offer. For the outdoor enthusiast, Bend is second to none! It has something for everyone.

Moving and finding a home can be an exciting time in our lives, but it can also be challenging and even scary. With the right assistance, however, those fears and challenges can be overcome. The reason I became a real estate agent is to walk with people through those challenges and make the process and transition as smooth as possible. My 16 years of experience as a professional designer has given me a keen ear to listen to the needs of my clients and the mindset to respect their budgets.

I look forward to helping you along every stage of your journey!


Favorite thing to do in Central Oregon/Bend?
Mountain biking, skiing, and hiking


Ducks or Beavers?
Beavers & N.C. State Wolfpack


Designations, awards, special skills?
B.A. Industrial Design, terrible dad jokes