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Personal Bio
I’ve lived in a big city all my life but wanted to find someplace with more of a small-town feel, nice people, beautiful nature, plenty of activities, and good food. I was happy to find this place exists, so in May 2018 I packed my bags and moved to Bend.

It didn’t take long to figure out that this is where I wanted to stay. So having immersed myself in the culture of this “just right” city, I eventually realized that I wanted to have a career helping people relocate like I did and to make their transition as smooth and enjoyable as possible.


Favorite thing to do in Central Oregon/Bend?
When I’m not enjoying the fresh air and beauty that surrounds us, I am slowly working my way through every coffee shop and brewery in town.


Ducks or Beavers?
Can I get back to you? 🙂


Designations, awards, special skills?
Bachelor’s Degree in Business, and if that doesn’t mean much, I’m a very good barista.