Jennifer Abernathy

Personal Bio
Hello, My name is Jen Abernathy. I initially moved to Bend to pursue a career as an Occupational Therapist. I have gained extensive experience working with people with disabilities and life changes. Due to my medical background and experience I have much knowledge in assisting people with special needs to promote independence, safety, and overall enjoyment within their homes.

After living a few years in Bend my husband and I became interested in real estate investing in residential homes and have continued from there. Through our investing experiences I have gained considerable knoweledge in obtaining, remodeling, designing, and selling homes. I have an eye for appropriate and cost effective means to maximize potential in a home, whether you are looking for a coveted cash-flow rental, buying and re-selling a property for profit, or buying your own home tailored to fit your own personal needs; I can assist you in whatever you are looking for. I feel each property experience is a new adventure and we are constantly learning and problem-solving with our ever-changing market in Central Oregon.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss your real estate needs or if you want to talk surfing, camping, boxer dogs, running, hiking, beer & coffee drinking, or just living life here in Bend I can do that too! Cheers!

Favorite thing to do in Central Oregon/Bend?
Beautiful trail runs with my dog and peeps =)

Ducks or Beavers?

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