Jenelle Brewer

Personal Bio
I am an adventurer and lover of culture – but of all the places I’ve been, Bend is always HOME! Growing up here in Bend, I didn’t always think this was the coolest place (still no Nordstrom!), but every year this town just gets better and better. I love all of our parks and trails, the breweries and restaurants tantalize my senses, and the backdrop of Central Oregon warms my soul!

I still seek world adventures, but I’m proud to be raising two kiddos with my husband in our hometown…and I can’t wait to show you why!

Favorite thing to do in Central Oregon/Bend?
Hike and paddle board

Ducks or Beavers?
Ducks! I am proud to be an OOO-alum!

Designations, awards, special skills?
Avid gardener and reader, coffee connoisseur, proficient Spanish speaker