Drew Fanaika

Personal Bio
As a multi-award winning Customer Service Manager and Director for the YMCA for eight years, Drew knows exactly what it takes to actively listen and execute your needs into action. Drew executes on all cylinders when he is working with his community to bring your dreams and wishes to fruition. Drew will always stop and say hello to a familiar face; if he sees you on the river, golf course, or running errands around town you can be sure he will check in and say hello. Drew is married with two beautiful girls, he’s an official, “Girl-Dad.” Having parents from Tonga in the South Pacific, Drew holds values from the “Friendly Islands,” true to his nature.


Favorite thing to do in Central Oregon/Bend?
Enjoy the outdoors with my family


Ducks or Beavers?


Designations, awards, special skills?
Customer Service Excellence Award with the YMCA of San Diego County, Super Dad, Athlete