Barry Johnson

Personal Bio
My wife and I came to central Oregon in 2005 and decided that Bend was going to be the place where we were going to start and raise a family.  Fast forward 15 years and our 10 and 11-year-old boys are flourishing here! We are so thankful to wake up here and call this place “home”!

I started with “Vestus the Foreclosure Group” and Windermere in 2008, helping clients secure funding and purchase properties from Trustee Sales (Judicial and Non-Judicial foreclosure auctions), in addition to researching and helping clients purchase these types of distressed properties is one of my passions. Since then I have worked with numerous investors helping them build portfolios and wealth through this stream and I enjoy the relationships that come along with it.


Favorite thing to do in Central Oregon/Bend?
I love to trail run all over Central Oregon and I try and never do the same trail twice!


Designations, awards, special skills?
Distressed and investment property sales