Facebook Expands Its Presence In Prineville, Oregon

A growing social media presence in Prineville

Facebook plans to add two buildings to the current data center location in Prineville, which will bring the company’s footprint to 3.2 million sq.ft., the equivalent of 66 football fields.

In the official announcement, the importance of Facebook’s commitment to Crook County and the Prineville community was emphasized, stating that the expansion will:


…represent an additional investment of $750 million. We expect it will bring up to 100 additional jobs, adding to the more than 350 that are currently supported by our operations. We anticipate it will come online in mid 2020.
But our commitment to the community extends beyond these buildings. This summer, we were thrilled to announce that our first five buildings will be supported by 100% solar energy. Two solar projects will be developed in Crook County and will increase the amount of solar power in Oregon by more than 20%. As with our existing Prineville campus, we anticipate these new buildings will join our list of hyper-efficient data centers and will be supported by new renewable energy resources developed in the region.


Read the official Facebook expansion announcement here.


A Vibrant and Growing Small Town

Prineville may be Central Oregon’s oldest community, but it’s experiencing a modern-day renaissance with more dining and lodging options, new buildings and gathering places, and is quickly becoming the hub for some of today’s biggest tech companies, with Facebook and Apple recently moving in.
Learn more about the community of Prineville here.



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