Elevated Comfort At Home – Behr’s 2021 Color Trends Palette

Create a sense of ‘elevated comfort’ at home

With stay-at-home orders requiring people to spend more time in their houses, many homeowners have used the opportunity to make updates to their homes, with one of the more popular projects being interior paint. Color evokes emotion, reflects personality, makes rooms appear larger or smaller (without the expense of moving walls), and ⁠a fresh coat of paint can transform a room within minutes with minimal investment.

Recognizing this trend of colorful DIY room transformations, Behr Paint Co. recently unveiled 21 versatile colors as part of its Color Trends 2021 Palette, what they’ve named as an “Elevated Comfort” palette, with the lavish bold colors and accompanying neutrals designed to create “energizing, yet comforting” focal points in a home, Behr says.


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Behr says color will play an increasing role in setting a mood for a space, creating a positive atmosphere, and providing a sense of well-being that ensures living and workspaces feel “pleasant, light, and productive.”

“A new, ‘elevated’ articulation of ‘comfort’ goes beyond traditional beige, gray and green hues, and embraces colour in a way that can redefine and enhance any type of space inside or outside the home.”


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The BEHR Color Trends 2021 Palette is organized into six color themes:

1. Casual comfort

Light and cozy neutrals and warm-toned hues that strive to offer an updated take on the casual farmhouse look


2. Optimistic view

An eclectic mix of bright hues that allude to a Mediterranean or ’70s “glam” vibe


3. Subtle focus

Soft pastels that are inspired by modern versions of art deco design


4. Calm zone

Nurturing blues and greens continue to trend in creating calm, restorative spaces


5. Quiet haven

Darker, evocative colors are presented as fit for traditional and maximalist decor


6. Outdoor escape

Behr says that any of its 2021 color picks also can be used for exterior spaces and in expanding a home’s livable space outside too


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Image: Behr

Change the colors in your home, change your mood

Though scientists don’t completely understand the link between color and mood, it is a scientific fact that color affects mood. And since the colors we choose to live in can definitely affect how we act, think, and feel, we should certainly consider the personality of color when choosing a room’s color scheme. {Source: the spruce

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