Earth Day & Sustainability In Bend, Oregon

Go green in Bend, Oregon

Earth day, every day. Oregon is among the top states for sustainable energy technology and green building, and Bend’s focus on energy efficiency and sustainability is no exception:


City of Bend

The City of Bend integrates best practices for sustainability into its work across departments and in partnership with the community:

  • Energy and Climate: The City is working with the community to increase energy efficiency and reduce fossil fuel use for cost reduction, health protection, environmental stewardship, and economic stability
  • Water:  The City provides affordable water, wastewater, and stormwater services to customers while balancing the natural environment and sustaining critical water resources
  • Transportation: The City Transportation System Plan update process is underway to create a well-developed transportation system that enables people to safely and reliably get to their destination
  • Forests (Deschutes Collaborative Forest Project partner): The City partners with the Deschutes National Forest to provide wildfire safety and protect the forest as important wildlife habitat, an economic engine for our region, a source of clean and abundant water, and a world-class recreational playground

Read more about City projects and sustainability efforts here


Community partners and local green energy and sustainability initiatives

  • Bend Parks & Recreation values environmental sustainability by making decisions that help protect, maintain and preserve our natural and developed resources
  • Commute Options is dedicated to innovative transportation options that connect people of all ages to the places they go – employees to their workplaces, students to their schools, and neighbors within their communities and champions active transportation and infrastructure improvements fostering essential partnerships, and educating the community on transportation options
  • Cascade East Transit connects people to places through high-quality transit service for dial-a-ride, recreational shuttles, and community connectors and fixed-route buses
  • The Environmental Center was born to inspire locals to live lighter on the planet and to preserve the spectacular landscape of Central Oregon and advances a healthy, vibrant place to live, work and play – for all of us today and for future generations to inherit
  • Energy Trust of Oregon is leading the way to better living with affordable, clean energy through public information, cash incentives, and contractor connections to help customers use less energy, generate renewable power, and protect the environment


Green businesses and adventures are plentiful, from restaurants, spas, grocery stores, large-scale and small, locally owned companies throughout town, many Bend companies have our environment in mind with a focus on sustainable business practices and eco-tourism designed to connect travelers with the community they’re exploring. (Source: Visit Bend)


Many homes and neighborhoods are Earth Advantage™ Certified, a high-performance home building program that addresses issues such as energy efficiency, recycling, building materials, landscaping, water, and indoor air quality.  And, if you can’t find a green home you love, you can always build one.


Local schools are built with sustainability in mind and encourage students, faculty, and staff to embrace sustainable practices, reduce waste, and improve energy use. Learn more and find Oregon Green Schools here.


Sustainable tourism – Visit Bend has a fresh approach to tourism marketing: Leave-No-Trace practices. Sustainable tourism. A focus on community. Starting in 2017, Visit Bend launched a series of sustainable initiatives including Visit Like a Local and The Bend Pledge aimed at urging people to interact responsibly with the community and surrounding wilderness.  Take the Bend Pledge, and help leave Bend better than you found it.

Currently, Oregon, Washington, and California have travel advisories in effect. The travel advisories encourage a stop to non-essential, out-of-state travel and encourage residents to stay local. And, when we’re fully open for visitors again, we’ll be here and our adventure playground will be ready to explore.

Celebrating Earth Day in Bend, Oregon – 2021

Earth Day Fair & Parade – 2021:

The annual Earth Day Fair & Parade has shifted gears in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Per The Environmental Center:

COVID may have forced us to cancel the annual parade and fair (again), but it won’t stop us from celebrating Earth Day 2021! We’ve created many ways to participate, connect, and take action throughout April. Some activities and events will be self-paced and at home; others offer virtual, in-person, or hybrid options.


Highlights and Earth Day activities to look forward to: 

  • Earth Day artwork by local student, Madeline Magaña
  • An Earth-Day themed scavenger hunt app
  • Colorful costumes and a virtual parade
  • Storytime with Teafly Peterson, creator of the Earth Guardian puppets
  • Film screening of Microplastic Madness and follow-up panel discussion

Learn more about Earth Day celebrations for 2021 – here


The Environmental Center – Virtual Power Hour:

Whether you’re looking for your first home or your fifth, and whether the house is 3 years old or 50, this virtual power hour will help you determine what to expect from your potential utility bills, energy hogs to keep an eye out for, and how to make a prioritized list for energy-saving improvements (even in the mix of all the other upgrades you’re trying to squeeze in).  The discussion touches upon how to plan for adding an electric car and/or solar, resources such as energy-efficient mortgages, and other tools to help streamline the home buying process as an energy-savvy consumer.



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