COMMUNITY CLIP: Why I Love Redmond, Oregon – Carolyn Dawson

Love where you live, work, and play

What makes Central Oregon so awesome? We asked the local experts: our team. ⁠

In this Community Clip video series, here’s why Carolyn Dawson, a broker at Fred Real Estate Group, loves Redmond, Oregon. In a nutshell, it’s about experiencing and embracing the tight-knit community:



A tight-knit, vibrant, and fast-growing community, Redmond has long been known as the “Hub of Central Oregon” for its location and direct access to adventures. Redmond’s charming downtown features the classic American main street with quaint shops, historic buildings, two-story storefronts, community plazas, and a thriving commercial district. 

The Redmond experience is one that truly reflects the best of Central Oregon; whether hiking the trails at nearby Smith Rock, golfing at Eagle Crest Resort, or visiting Redmond’s quaint downtown shops and restaurants, you will quickly discover why so many people choose to call Redmond home. Explore Redmond, Oregon here.


We know local because we are local

We’ve been a part of the local business community for over a decade, and we’re proud to be a family-owned and operated company.

Fred Real Estate Group is Central Oregon’s number one independent brokerage with over 140 real estate experts and one firm belief: Every client we work with deserves an amazing real estate experience. We’ve been connecting home buyers and sellers since 2008 with a fresh approach, local expertise, and brilliant results and we’d love to work with you.


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