Central Oregon – Home To Zoom Towns

Central Oregon is Zooming

The desirability of the Central Oregon lifestyle and the ability to work from anywhere is facilitating a surge of pandemic migration to the area, booming home prices, low inventory, and Zoom Towns.

Companies have realized that remote work is not only possible but is rapidly becoming a new reality for many. Working from home enables those in the workforce to have more options when buying a home as choosing to live close to the office or factoring in commute options and times are not necessarily a primary factor anymore with the freedom of the ability to work from home permanently.

Remote workers are craving more space, privacy and tranquility as well as convenient opportunities to spend time outdoors and get closer to nature. Although interest in zoom towns has been primarily fueled by millennials, the desire to move is also being felt acutely by families living in close quarters whose children are now learning remotely at home. (Source: Forbes.com)


Central Oregon Zoom Towns

Central Oregon is home to world-class outdoor recreation, award-winning craft breweries, and a distinct sense of community, so it’s not too surprising that remote workers are seeking to make their favorite vacation getaway into their full-time home and why several cities within the area are becoming popular Zoom Towns.

Zoom Towns are housing markets that are suddenly booming as remote work becomes more mainstream. These towns are generally smaller cities, often in close proximity to amenities like beaches, ski resorts, or other attractions that tend to draw in vacationers. (Source: fool.com)


With diverse landscapes, abundant recreational opportunities, and each Central Oregon city offering its own unique flavor of charm and appeal, no matter where you live in the area, you’re just minutes away from the trails, slopes, and golf courses, making the region’s desirability as a whole an attractive place to live.

The current fast-paced real estate market attests to the desirability of Central Oregon as home sales continue to climb, as do median home prices, with the tradeoffs of housing affordability not seeming to decrease the popularity of ‘living where you vacation’.




The COVID-19 pandemic has presented challenges to the economy and businesses around the country, yet the housing market continues to boom. Homeownership needs have shifted and new trends are emerging as many re-evaluate what they find most important in a home.

As we enter the last month of 2020, we’re experiencing an extremely competitive housing market in Central Oregon with a large pool of buyers, a low supply of inventory, and no signs of our Central Oregon real estate market slowing down.

Prices continue to climb and inventory is low, and as buyer demand increases, now is a great time to sell your Central Oregon home. Property searches on our site have risen significantly over the past few months, not surprisingly since we’ve all been at home and online, and buyer activity has not slowed down with virtual tours and showings becoming the ‘new normal’. Buyers are facing a challenging market with a limited inventory of homes for sale and often experiencing multiple offer situations. Whether buying or selling, working with a trusted real estate professional will help put you in a position to act quickly and efficiently when you’re ready to make your move.


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