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With stay-at-home orders requiring us to spend more time in our homes than ever before, you may be ready for a change. Our homes have taken on new roles and functionality over the past year with makeshift home offices, virtual classrooms, and workout areas. No matter how we’ve adapted our living spaces, home is still home and should feel comfortable, calm, inviting, and livable.

WebMD reports on color psychology and how to make your home feel good, stating, “home decor is often viewed as simply a matter of aesthetics — what looks attractive. But proponents of color psychology believe that the colors you use to decorate your home can have a profound effect on the emotional well-being of you and your family.”

Color trends for 2021

Celebrating the power of color and recognizing the important role that it plays within our home, a fresh coat of paint might just be the low-cost, high-impact project and refresh you need after a challenging year. Selecting color throughout your space can impact your mood and is a powerful, yet inexpensive design tool, to add cheer, warmth, intimacy, and even drama. Make a room feel larger, add a focal point, or create a cozy nook.

Industry experts predict the paint shades that will soothe and invigorate us after a volatile year; here’s some colorful inspiration for your home:


1. BEHR Paint Company

Experience “elevated comfort” with BEHR’s Color Trends 2021 Palette with lavish bold colors and accompanying neutrals designed to create “energizing, yet comforting” focal points in a home. BEHR says color will play an increasing role in setting a mood for a space, creating a positive atmosphere, and providing a sense of well-being that ensures living and workspaces feel “pleasant, light, and productive.”

“A new, ‘elevated’ articulation of ‘comfort’ goes beyond traditional beige, gray and green hues, and embraces colour in a way that can redefine and enhance any type of space inside or outside the home.”


| Images: BEHR |


2. Benjamin Moore

The Benjamin Moore Color Trends 2021 Palette offers a selection of 12 colors ranging from elegant neutrals to stylish midtones, and describes this carefully curated collection as a palette that balances modern-day relevance with long-lasting appeal.

Celebrate the simple pleasures—think the faded rumple of linen sheets in the morning and perfectly ripened fruits on the windowsill. The twelve hues in the palette radiate warmth and wellbeing. These are colors that make your home feel even more like home. Settle in.

Out of the 12 colors within the 2021 color palette, Aegean Teal is the 2021 Color Of The Year. Drawing inspiration from the outdoors, this special and deeply soothing hue defines the overall palette and is designed to help bring natural harmony, balance, and intrigue into your home.

View the full Benjamin Moore Color Trends 2021 Palette here


|Images: Benjamin Moore|



Announcing the PANTONE Color Of The Year 2021: PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray + PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating – A marriage of color conveying a message of strength and hopefulness that is both enduring and uplifting.

This combination is a powerful duo designed to be viewed as solid and dependable, bright and cheerful, vivacious and warm, and steady and resilient.

“A message of happiness supported by fortitude, the combination of PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray + PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating is aspirational and gives us hope. We need to feel that everything is going to get brighter – this is essential to the human spirit”, PANTONE says.

Learn more about the PANTONE Color Of The Year 2021 here


| Image: PANTONE |


4. Sherwin Williams

Tap into nature with a hue whose warmth and comfort breathe down-to-earth tranquility. The Sherwin Williams 2021 Color of the Year, Urbane Bronze, captures that simple sophistication every space is searching for. Announcing its Colormix® Color Forecast 2021, Sherwin Williams notes their inspiration:

Rhythm is the secret to how the natural world stays in step. This same balance applies to our personal sense of nature as we connect with the spaces around us. See it take shape in 40 trend colors, presented in four palettes designed to bring your sense of rhythm to life.


View the Sherwin Williams Colormix® Color Forecast 2021: Master Palette here

| Images: Sherwin Williams |


5. Valspar

The Valspar Colors Of The Year 2021 are “this year’s trendiest colors are all about making you feel cozy and comfortable. Our color experts present you with 12 fresh and familiar colors that are on-trend now and easy to love forever”, Valspar says. A curated selection of colors designed to evoke an inviting feeling of comfort, warmth, and sophistication.

View the Valstar Colors Of The Year 2021 here


| Images: Valspar |


Life should be colorful

Taken as a whole, the full 2021 palette is a collection of organic, muted shades that are both livable and approachable—the kind of colors you won’t be afraid you’ll tire of, whether you use them in big or small ways.

“There’s a casual elegance and grounded sensibility in this palette,” said Hannah Yeo, Benjamin Moore Color & Development expert, in a webinar reveal of the color. While the palette contains both light and dark shades, most of the hues do skew warm in tone, making them extremely cozy and versatile for application. (Source: Apartment Therapy)

Grab your paint roller and don’t be afraid to incorporate this tranquil collection of colors throughout your home to create spaces you want to spend time in. Find pinspiration for your home: Get painting tips, palette inspiration, and find DIY resources – click image below:



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