A hot design trend for homes in 2021: Fireplaces

Heat things up with this hot design trend

As home design trends come and go, one thing’s for sure, fireplaces are still in demand. A way to offer a focal point to a room, fireplaces offer a stylish and unique way to warm up a space in a visual and functional way.

Fireplaces have become popular in homes and new construction. Home designers today are bringing this trend back although not for actual heating purposes but to give rooms a coziness and an elegance that is very attractive to homeowners today who really want their homes to be a refuge from the outside world. (Source: VerticalChimney.com)


Three places home designers are adding fireplaces in modern homes are:

  1. Main bedroom suites
  2. Bonus rooms
  3. Outdoor spaces


Get inspired: Fireplace design from The Gram



“The fireplace is an increasingly sought after decoration element and by 2021 it will be completely up to date. Modern fireplaces with an increasingly subtle design will make all the difference in the design of a living room. In addition to adding value to homes, this element creates very cozy environments.” – New Decor Trends ⁠

Ready to get on board with this hot design trend?⁠

Check out all homes with fireplaces currently for sale throughout Central Oregon:



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