5 Trends For Outdoor Spaces In 2021

Enjoy the outside at home

Among the reasons cited for making a move last year, outdoor spaces were among the top priorities for many homebuyers wanting to extend their home outdoors. Homeowners are enjoying their property’s outdoor space more during the pandemic, and house hunters are paying particular attention to outdoor features as they evaluate homes to purchase.


5 outdoor space trends predicted to gain traction in 2021:


1 – Outdoors as an extension of the indoors

Emphasizing a natural flow between the indoors and outdoors likely will continue to drive renovation concepts in 2021. This could include installing large sliding or folding glass doors, drop-down screens on the porch, outdoor heating lamps, and outdoor fire pits. This will help homeowners enjoy their outdoor spaces more anytime of the year.


2 – Homegrown gardening

Homeowners are turning to gardening as a therapeutic pastime. Even in small areas, vertical outdoor gardens can not only serve as a great hobby but also as a statement piece. Veggies, fruit, and herb gardens are in high demand, and raised garden beds and potted herbs will continue to trend in 2021.


3 – Creative play elements

Gone are the days of simple playground structures being the talk of the block; 2021 will focus on getting more creative with your outdoor space. Ziplines, climbing walls, ninja warrior courses, and monkey bars set between trees will keep children busy and active. Parents will continue to look to incorporate more environmental and natural play elements into the yard to encourage investigation of the local natural environment.


4 – Beautiful and functional lighting

As entertaining indoors is not as frequent, focusing on beautiful outdoor lighting to take advantage of your space for longer into the evening will be a priority.  Investing in beautiful and functional lighting to enhance conversation spaces, spotlight your favorite flowers at night, or simply adding a statement fixture, upgrading your outdoor lighting will allow for enjoyable, well lit, outdoor living no matter the time of day.


5 – Making front yards more ‘social’

In an effort to maximize your property and feel more connected to neighbors, social front yards will continue to be a priority. Move over hedges, and move in bistro seating and chairs to connect with neighbors while observing social distancing guidelines. Maximizing the front porch and front yard spaces likely will become an even bigger trend in 2021.


(Sources: Tilly Design & REALTOR® Magazine)



Outdoor living spaces predicted to remain popular in 2021

Our backyards, patios, and gardens have dutifully served greater purposes than ever before as office spaces, happy hour haunts, gyms, and refuges to enjoy (and be inspired by) the beauty of nature. We’re expecting the popularity of outdoor living spaces to continue to grow in 2021, not only in light of COVID-19, but also as many of us pursue more sustainable lifestyles and seek to achieve greater health, both mentally and physically, from home. (veranda.com)

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