3 Ways To Show Love To Local Businesses In Bend, Oregon

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We love local in Bend, Oregon. We’re a hub for creative thinkers, makers, artists, innovators, and those with a thrill-seeking passion and an entrepreneurial spirit. We’re home to an abundance of small businesses known locally and nationally, and in fact, Bend, Oregon was ranked the number two small city for the most small business owners.

The past year has been especially challenging for small business owners, restaurants, and shops and we want to support our fellow local businesses to keep them open and thriving so we can continue to enjoy their services, products, food, and drinks long after the pandemic is over.

Here are 3 ways to show the love to local shops and businesses:


1. Eat and drink

✔️ Start your day with local coffee and tasty treats

✔️ Enjoy indoor dining based on availability

✔️ Order takeout or delivery and remember to leave a big tip⁠, if you can⁠ — check out the Twice More campaign and help our struggling restaurants

✔️ Grab your puffy coat and dine outside

✔️ Enjoy happy hour at home or go virtual with friends – order cocktails and beer to go!



2. Go shopping

✔️ Shop online or in-person for locally-made products⁠, services, and gifts

✔️ Order a gift card from your favorite restaurant, spa, or shop to use at a later date 

✔️ Buy a uniquely awesome piece of artwork from a local artist or maker

✔️ Purchase an experience – think local tour companies, golf lessons, etc.

✔️ Swag it up – grab a t-shirt or beanie from your favorite local brewery, coffee shop, or store



3. Share the love

✔️ Follow your favorite local businesses on social media

✔️ Share their awesome products and services with your family, friends, and the world

✔️ Leave a great review for the business



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We know local because we are local

We’ve been a part of the local business community for over a decade, and we’re proud to be a family-owned and operated company.

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