10 Things To Keep In Mind For An Optimal Work Station At Home

Working From Home – Our New Normal

As we shift to work remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re carving out workspaces in our homes that maybe weren’t there before or designed to be a ‘home office’.  Kids are physically home from school, too, making the need for work stations greater with online learning taking place each day. And, real estate professionals predict that a home office will become a hot amenity for the long term as home buyer searches have indicated thus far. (Source: Realtor Magazine)  


At Home – Set Up Your Work Space

Whether you’re working from an actual home office, your dining room table, your kitchen counter, or your couch, here are 10 things to keep in mind for an optimal work station:

  1. Good lighting – don’t work in the dark; add a lamp or set-up near a window
  2. Ample work surface and ‘desktop’ organization – clutter isn’t conducive for productivity
  3. Proper ergonomics – get a footrest or stool if you need one and be aware of how you’re sitting most of the day; stand up often and take breaks
  4. A comfortable chair – seems obvious, but this one’s a must
  5. Easy access to electrical outlets – no one wants a dead laptop or phone
  6. Location, location, location – pick a dedicated spot for your workspace and avoid high-traffic areas if you can
  7. Appropriate noise level for your productivity – depending on how you work best, you might prefer to find a quiet spot or you may need headphones and a sweet playlist to block out the noise around you
  8. Stay inspired – add a whiteboard with your goals listed, or add personal touches for creativity – artwork, plants, fresh flowers, photos… whatever makes your workspace feel inspiring and like you
  9. A good view – preferably one where you’re not staring at a pile of laundry or dishes in the sink
  10. Keep it clean – ensure good storage options (repurpose a dresser or add bins/baskets to your space) and at the end of your day, shut down completely and clean your workspace so you don’t come back to mess the next day


Get Inspired – WFH & Home Offices

Click image below for a collection of our favorite WFH workspace ideas and home office inspo:


Need More Space – We Can Help

If working from home isn’t working and you find yourself in need of more space, we can help. The Central Oregon real estate market is open for business and we welcome the opportunity to assist you in selling your current home to get a little more elbow roomClick here to learn more about how we’re working with home buyers and sellers in Central Oregon during the COVID-19 pandemic

What you can do right now if you’re looking for more space:

  1. Schedule a free consultation with a FRED real estate professional to discuss your goals and timeline and put a smart plan in place for selling your current home
  2. Talk with a local lender about your options, available loan programs, and get pre-approved
  3. Start searching for homes with the space you’re looking for –  our website offers an easy way to request an online tour of any property as well as filter property searches to only view homes with video tours. Prefer to go mobile – we’ve got an app for that


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