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Marcia Hilber



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Personal Bio
After 30 years in the corporate sector with the bulk of my experience in mid-management and public relations, I re-established my interest in real estate from back in the 70’s in Albuquerque, as the young assistant to my mother-broker. 9 years ago, after finding myself attending a real estate investment group, I dabbled a bit as a real estate investor, and then made the wise decision to acquire my real estate license. This, right as we entered into one of the most trying and debilitated real estate markets since the 80’s! But, with my “pull up your boot straps” attitude, and a tenacious desire to serve our community, I became one of the top Realtors in our Association, specializing in helping people find their way through the financial crisis. The result? Over 150 homeowners saved from foreclosure. Those were some trying times, but looking back, it was worth every minute of hard work.

Now with our recovery, I put that same drive and passion to work, specializing in helping buyers and sellers from all over the country! Working with Fred, I am now able to provide all the latest – most up to date – internet and social media marketing ever! We haven’t completely put down the paper, but people don’t shop in magazines anymore, they shop on-line. With the leading edge technologies available at Fred Real Estate Group, I can provide the highest level and greatest expansion of marketing, save clients money, and have a really fun time doing it! Even though I take my charge very seriously, and am a stickler for detail, efficiency and proactive communication, real estate can and should be fun! Give me a ring. I would be honored to assist!

Favorite thing to do in Central Oregon/Bend?
Music, Arts, Cycling, Hiking, Water Sports and generally having a great time!

Ducks or Beavers?
I better say Ducks, but only because some of my closest friends would kill me if I said Beav’s.

Designations, awards, special skills?
Gardner, Grandmother, Friend of all animals. I got a few Presidential and Agent of the Year awards back in ’09-’10. I think my most attributable skills are: Listening/Communication, Thinking Outside the Box, Long-Term Vision, Total Commitment.